Stories of rescued women:

Tania: 21 year old, from Eastern Europe.

Through Facebook she met a young man. He invited her for coffee and she accepted. They started dating, she met his friends and they were talking about Greece and how they had found good jobs there. Her boyfriend suggested they also go to Greece for a job and better life. She thought this was a good idea. They stayed at a hotel in Athens. After 2 days of searching for a job, they moved to his father’s house, who just happened to live there. His father then took over and lead her to the “job”. She was beaten and forced to prostitute herself with 20 to 30 men a day. She cried out for help and God answered her, bringing her into contact with outreach volunteers from Nea Zoi.

Hope: 24 years old from Africa.

She wanted to study medicine at a university in Europe so she contacted a travel agent who was also enrolling students to the university and taking care of all the details. The day of her departure came and to her surprise the travel agent was on the same plane. He said he had a meeting at the university. He accompanied Hope to the end of her trip only to put her in a hotels and force her into prostitution. He took all her documents, beat her and forced her to do the “job”. A few months later she was pregnant and was told to abort the child. She refused so was abandoned somewhere outside the city. She was found by someone and taken to the hospital. She came into contact with someone from Nea Zoi and today Hope is living a normal life with her child.
Like Tania and Hope thousands of other girls are trapped in prostitution in Greece.