1. How do Bejewelled find their jewelry-makers?

Our partner, New Life organisation (https://neazoi.org), has a team of volunteers that meet weekly with women who work either on the streets or in brothels. They take a lot of time to build relationships with these women that, hopefully, leads to trust.
These exploited women will have, over time, various opportunities to contact New Life or to connect with them through the weekly meetings to consider the possibility of starting a new life.
Through the relationship built, New Life invites individual women who they have journeyed with to become part of the Bejewelled team. This process can take months, as it takes time to build trust. The opportunity to work with Bejewelled is used as a motivation to get the women off the streets and to transition into a different type of life.
It is hoped that this opportunity will not only empower them but will also help them realize their new identity in society.

2. Why do the exploited ladies not get sent back to their families instead of joining Bejewelled?

There are a few very complicated processes that are followed to enable the women to be freed. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, not all details can be shared on this platform.

The women come from various backgrounds and social circumstances. Some have been sold by their families, many have been coerced and others have been offered false opportunities which lead to slavery. If they choose to go back home, they can do so with the help of New Life as soon as it can be arranged. Many of these women though are ashamed and emotionally broken by what they have been through and most of them will choose not to go home straight away but would rather try to build a future in Athens. Bejewelled offer them the transition from a life in prostitution and abuse to a protected, empowered environment where they will not only learn a new skill but also be supported not to fall back into their old way of life.

3. How are our ladies paid while working with Bejewelled?

They are paid hourly during the transition period until they are able to move into a permanent position with Bejewelled.
They will then earn a monthly salary, pay taxes and social security , as well as receive medical insurance. 100% of the proceeds from jewelry sold by Bejewelled will go back into the Bejewelled organization to continue to support our ladies.

4. Do any of the Bejewelled management staff earn a salary from Bejewelled?

No, the whole Bejewelled team volunteer. Only the women we help receive a salary from Bejewelled.

5. How does Bejewelled support these girls once they decide to break free from a life of exploitation?

Bejewelled is working hand in hand with New Life and in this process the girls are invited to join the community of support offered through New Life. This includes counselling as well as practical support on how to adjust to their new life and a working environment. They are helped very gently with this transition, and usually over a period of time, as they learn how to adjust to a more “corporate environment”, for example learning how to be on time as with their New Life meetings, well as committing to returning to meet their New Life contacts weekly.