Empowering exploited women.


Making a difference in the world of trafficked women, empowering and partnering with people around the world.


Our purpose:

BeJewelled is a diverse but strongly united team of people who share the goal of seeing women freed from exploitation and given the opportunity and support to rebuild their lives. This organization is run by a team of volunteers from very diverse professional and ethnic backgrounds. Diverse, yet strongly united in the shared goal of seeing women being given the opportunity and support to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

Our partners:


Nea Zoi organization:

 In order to make a difference among the most vulnerable and exploited women, we partner with Nea Zoi which is an organization that has a passion for reaching out and supporting marginalized women on the streets or in the brothels of Athens, with the desire to see them equipped to build new lives.
These women are invited to join a training program, during which time they not only learn how to make the jewelry, but are also offered emotional and practical support. Our hope is to empower these women to grow in confidence and to create a dignified career for them. The long-term purpose of BeJewelled is for all these exploited women to gain the practical, spiritual and emotional support they need to build new lives.
BeJewelled, along with the Nea Zoi organization, aim to provide alternatives for their lives and empower women who wish to change. In doing this we hope to stand against sexual exploitation in the region by providing life-changing opportunities through personal and practical support, education and employment. 
Stories of rescued women    


Ambassadors change the world.

We provide an opportunity for women to launch their own Ambassador business. By selling this collection of bespoke jewelry, you, as an Ambassador, are giving your friends an opportunity to be styled in the beautiful jewelry of a reputable and unique jeweler while creating meaningful and life-changing opportunities for these exploited women as well. Together we are building a more stable world where women are cherished and empowered!

Our story:

Joy Baldwin, an American who grew up in Greece, launched BeJewelled to realize a long-term vision that was permanently seared into her memories after a haunting and traumatic visit to the brothels of Athens with Nea Zoi Organization (a Christian organization helping trafficked women) many years ago.
As an entrepreneur with a background in jewelry, her dream was to use her own experience and enterprise to provide the girls with a sustainable income stream through jewelry making.
This dream was put on hold when a job assignment took her family to Switzerland. In 2020, she partnered with Marile Cilliers, a friend passionate about trafficked women, and together they birthed the idea of starting a business that would alleviate the exploitation of these women through entrepreneurship.
This dream became BeJewelled Designs, a business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities among the most vulnerable.

Founder: Joy Baldwin

Co-founder: Marile Cilliers  



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